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7308: Real-world Modernization - Sangita Singh


Applications can propel you forward or hold you back from innovation and agility. Organizations modernizing their applications are about twice as successful at digital transformation. But today, only 20% of workloads have been modernized and moved to the cloud. While APIs, microservices and containers are becoming the standard, the remaining 80% of workloads require new thinking about cloud-native and beyond. As enterprises evaluate existing infrastructure and investments, they require new skills, more flexible and open architectures, developer-first strategies, advanced integration, and governance. This session provides a point of view on the trends in modernization and real-world stories about leveraging and transforming IT legacy.

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Theater Room
Thu (February 14), 3:30PM PT


Denis Kennelly

General Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration, IBM

In 2017 Denis Kennelly was appointed GM, IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration, where he is helping customers along the journey from the data center to hybrid-cloud and finally to the public cloud destination.
Denis joined IBM through the acquisition of Vallent Technologies in 2007, leading a number of product development teams in various executive roles. In 2012, Denis joined the new IBM Security unit to lead Product Development, where he drove a major transformation of the IBM Security product portfolio while also integrating a number of strategic acquisitions. Denis has witnessed many innovations and disruptions that have shaped industries and those experiences are core to his philosophy of constantly embracing change and driving innovation.

Claus Torp Jensen

CTO, Aetna

Claus is Aetna's Chief Technology Officer, leading the Architecture Planning, Architecture Delivery, Architecture Forensics, Technology Innovation and M&A teams in the CTO organization plus providing technology and architecture guidance for Aetna as a whole.

Claus is a transformational change agent. He and his team have been instrumental in critical initiatives such as defining and executing the Next Gen Platform strategy, creating a 3 year business platform transformation roadmap, launching the Digital Transformation program and optimizing the quality of Provider Directories.

Claus has been with Aetna since February 2015. His background prior to Aetna spans 20 years of transformational leadership roles at Danske Bank and IBM.

Claus has a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark. He is a thought leader in business and IT integration, holds 14 patents, and is a published author of five books and numerous articles.

James Lang

General Manager - Platform Enablement, Toyota Financial Services

Sean Erswell-Liljefelt

Infrastructure Solution Area Designer, IKEA IT AB

Sean has been working at IKEA for 12 years in the Web & Mobile Infrastructure & Operations team as an Infrastructure Solution Area Designer.

His daily work involves designing and building internet-facing architecture and middleware solutions for web-facing applications via a range of technologies such as WebSphere/Liberty, eXtremeScale and Datapower/API Connect.

Most of IKEA's digital touchpoints are undergoing a transformation from traditional on-premise monolithic solutions to smaller, self-contained components and API's deployed across the full spectrum of Hybrid topologies such as Public/Private cloud, Kubernetes and more.

Sangita Singh

General Manager, Global Cloud Consulting Services, IBM