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6904: How AI and Blockchain will change the Game - HarperCollins

Marketing, Commerce, Supply Chain
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Every day, AI and blockchain are changing the game for enterprises. Gone are the days when CRM and ERP are the center of front and back office operations. The only way forward is AI and blockchain-enabled workflows for marketing, commerce and supply chain. As each part of a business becomes optimized by AI and blockchain, what are the big bets IBM is making to ensure our clients are positioned for future success? Learn how AI and blockchain be indispensable in the future - and how they will improve overall performance of your profession and your business.

Think Exchange Marketing, Commerce, Supply Chain
Grand Ballroom
Mon (February 11), 1:30PM PT


Katie Key

Director of Marketing Operations, Harper Collins

Inhi Cho Suh

General Manager, IBM Watson Customer Engagement, IBM

Inhi Cho Suh is the GM of Watson Customer Engagement, responsible for SaaS and premise-based digital experience, marketing, order management and supply chain applications, and infusing AI, machine learning and analytics capabilities in the solutions. Inhi joined IBM in 1998, holding executive roles that spanned IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS), IBM Analytics Strategy & Business Development, strategic partnerships with Twitter and Box, and the acquisition of The Weather Company. A champion of diversity and inclusion, Inhi co-chairs IBM's Global Women Diversity Initiative. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, History and Women's Studies from Duke University and a Juris Doctorate from North Carolina Central University School of Law.

Michael Bordash

Director/DE, Development, Machine Learning; Chief Platform Engineer, Watson Customer Engagement, IBM

Michael Bordash is a Distinguished Engineer, Director of AI/Machine Learning, and is Chief Platform Engineer for Watson Customer Engagement. As Director, AI/ML, Michael is responsible for the execution of the AI roadmap for Watson Marketing, Watson Commerce, and Watson Supply Chain. During THINK, Michael will review our AI roadmap and demonstrate key features available now.

Rishi Vaish

VP of Development, Watson Customer Engagement, IBM

Rishi Vaish is the Vice President of Development for Watson Customer Engagement, a portfolio of products for Marketing, Commerce and Supply Chain professionals that uses the best of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create compelling and differentiated user experiences. Prior to this, Rishi was the Vice President for Watson Work, IBM's next generation, AI driven collaboration platform and its API ecosystem. He returned to IBM from Oracle, where he was VP of Product Management and Development for the Oracle Cloud Platform responsible for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Industry Solutions and go-to-market. Prior to Oracle, Rishi served as VP of Product for RightScale, the leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud Management and Brokering platform where he led product strategy, product roadmap, and customer experience, positioning the company and product for the fast-growing enterprise segment.

Sinziana Manitiu

Director Logistics and Sales Operations Planning, Husqvarna Group

Sinziana Manitiu started her journey with Husqvarna Group in Germany, and worked and lived in Romania, Denmark , USA and recently moved to Sweden. The 8 year journey took her thru almost all functions that supply chain has under its umbrella from planning to S&OP, to logistics and sourcing. Manitiu's experience has provided her insights into the value of data and technology, the power of a strategy and building a culture of project execution.

This holistic supply chain journey - along with being a leader in the strategic division of Husqvarna Group - contribute to Manitiu's current role to look into trends, customer behaviors, technology development and future impacts that could influence our company. Being passionate about technology in her personal life, it was easy for her to pick research as her primary role.