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6929: Innovation Doesn't Happen Without Security. And Security Needs Innovation.

Security and Resiliency

Why do we put harnesses in a racecar and firesuits on drivers? Because drivers want the exhilaration of winning, but with the confidence that they are safe doing so. It's the same with your business. Innovation needed to stay ahead of the competition doesn't work without security. You may not be building racecars, but there is risk as you embrace disruptive technologies like cloud, IoT, mobile and AI. Cybersecurity is critical to enabling you to move your business forward, while safeguarding your most valuable data and the privacy of your clients and employees. Hear IBM clients share how they are successfully using security to spur innovation and how the security market is innovating to remain a step ahead of the changing threat landscape.

Featured Sessions Security and Resiliency
Theater Room
Tue (February 12), 1:30PM PT


Mary O'Brien

General Manager, IBM Security, IBM

Andy Powell

Chief Information Security Officer, Maersk

Andy Powell joined Maersk in June 2018 as the Chief Information Security Officer, and is accountable to the CIO and CEO for assuring all aspects of Information Security and Cybersecurity, across all brands that form part of A P Moller-Maersk. Prior to joining Maersk, Andy was head of the Cybersecurity business for Capgemini, prior to that for CSC, and in both roles, was responsible for delivering Cybersecurity solutions for clients across all sectors. Andy has spent much of his career in the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) as an Engineering Officer, and served as CIO/CISO for the RAF and was Head of Cyber Defence Operations for the UK Ministry of Defence. He is a keen runner (slow), ex-Windsurfer (too slow) and Golfer (beginner)!

Danica Patrick

Entrepreneur and Former Professional Race Car Driver, Entrepreneur and Former Professional Race Car Driver

One of the most recognizable professional athletes in the world, Danica Patrick joined the mainstream ranks by going against the current, immersing herself and succeeding in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. As she broke barriers and set records on the track, Patrick made a name for herself off the track as well. She was named to TIME's "100 Most Influential People" list, has graced the cover of ESPN: The Magazine, Sports Illustrated and TV Guide and was featured in pictorials in the 2008 and 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also appeared in a record-setting 14 Super Bowl commercials.

As she closes out this part of her professional life, Patrick's focus shifts to her next chapter as an entrepreneur and business owner. She launched a clothing line - Warrior by Danica Patrick - in 2017, authored the fitness book Pretty Intense and is the proprietor of a vineyard in California that produces Somnium Wine.

Kevin Baker

CISO, Westfield Insurance

Kevin Baker’s twenty-years in security have been centered mainly on the insurance and financial service industries. Beginning his security career in the ATM industry, he gained invaluable experience during a time when financial networks began to be exploited, ATMs jackpotted, and internet banking was brand new. His background and experience is firmly rooted in the technical aspects of information security with a deep understanding of the necessary toolsets for providing security as a service to the business.

Kevin’s strategic direction for the program at Westfield has continued to evolve with the threat, leading to a highly adaptable security posture. He emphasizes doing more with fewer tools, orchestration with both internal and external security platforms, and automation. Kevin is an innovator, particularly in the areas of security data analytics, and in the development and use of internal and external security intelligence.