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4922: Shipping in the Age of Blockchain: Streamlining Supply Chains End-to-End for You and Your Part


Container logistics is the backbone of the world's largest supply chains. Failure to deliver a container and the documentation that supports its journey can be catastrophic—from critical stockouts that shut down a manufacturing plant to perished food items sitting in port without clearance. TradeLens is out to change the game by changing how information moves across the globe and among trade partners. If you are a supply chain leader, this is a session you can't afford to miss. Come learn more about TradeLens, one year after we announced its formation at Think 2018.

Core Curriculum Blockchain
Smarter Business Showcase Theater B
Thu (February 14), 12:30PM PT


M. T. Erdly

Head of TradeLens, IBM Blockchain, IBM

Mike White

GTD, Maersk, President, GTD

Mike is currently the CEO of Maersk GTD and is the Maersk Head of TradeLens. For the past two decades Mike has held senior management roles Across Europe and North America, most recently as President of Maersk Line North America. Prior to this Mike was CEO for Maersk Line Central Europe, CEO of Maersk Logistics North America, and President & CEO of P&O Nedlloyd North America.