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6825: Modernizing Your Data Platform and Making Your Data Ready for AI

Hybrid Data Management

Al Martin, VP of IBM Hybrid Data Management Development and Client Success, will discuss putting your data to work for you and preparing your company and your data for AI. Specifically, the discussion will center around IBM's ladder to AI: quickly and easily collecting, organizing and democratizing your data for analytics; and readying that data for AI. Joining him for a lively Q&A session will be Jeff Jonas, founder and CEO of Senzing, an acclaimed data scientist and the leading creator of Entity Resolution systems. Together, they will tackle some of the most burning questions around big data and AI today.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics Hybrid Data Management
Data & AI Theater C
Wed (February 13), 4:30PM PT


Albert Martin

VP, Hybrid Platform Development and Client Success, IBM

Jeff Jonas

Founder & CEO, Senzing

Jeff Jonas is a three-time entrepreneur, acclaimed data scientist and privacy by design ambassador. Prior to Senzing, Jonas served as IBM Fellow, after IBM acquired his last company in 2005. He led a team at IBM creating next-generation AI for Entity Resolution technology, code named G2. In 2016, Jonas founded Senzing, based on a one-of-a-kind IBM spinout of the G2 technology and team.