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6930: Gain confidence in your AI with IBM Watson OpenScale

Data and Analytics
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A new wave of economic revolution is underway, driven by advancements in AI and multicloud technologies. Leading businesses are crafting strategic plans to modernize data estates for this emerging reality. At the top of their wish list is the ability to virtualize all their data regardless of where it lives, deliver data as a self-service utility, apply data ops, and have business users and systems self-develop and operationalize AI. The question is: how do you best start to plot your journey through the array of data advancements on the horizon? Learn from forward-thinking experts building the future of data & AI systems to best prepare your business for next wave of data-driven business disruptors and create your journey into the future.

Featured Sessions Data and Analytics
Theater Room
Wed (February 13), 12:30PM PT


David Bernert

Chief Enterprise Architect, The Boeing Company

Dinesh Nirmal

Vice President, Analytics Development, IBM

Dinesh Nirmal's development mission is to help businesses operationalize machine learning. He leads ten development labs worldwide; major releases include IBM Cloud Private for Data, Machine Learning for z/OS, IBM Integrated Analytics System, and IBM Watson Studio, winner of multiple design awards. Dinesh is a Member of the Board of the R Consortium and an Advisor to Accel.AI.

Jenna Goldberg

Augmented Reality Software Designer, IBM