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4427: Muscling Up Midsize Banks with Enterprise-Grade Mobile Fraud Protection

Govern Identities with Digital Trust

Customers of midsize banks, like those of larger banks, expect easy, quick and secure mobile access to their accounts. But banks that size typically lack the resources for adequate cyber security protection. A business partner solution based on IBM Trusteer advanced device analytics and embedded in the bank's mobile platform helps meet this need—and even helps address FFIEC mobile guidelines. The turnkey solution offers enterprise-grade proactive fraud detection and protection across device, session and account; and a frictionless, omni-channel enduser experience without compromise. Come hear how the solution is built and works, and why 50+% of Apiture's mobile banking customer base is growing their mobile business with it today.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Govern Identities with Digital Trust
Security & Resiliency Theater A
Fri (February 15), 9:30AM PT


Bob Burgarino

EVP, Product, Marketing and Professional Services, Apiture

Craig Pawling

VP, Mobile, Apiture

Craig Pawling serves as VP of Mobile at Apiture. Craig is a senior product, research, and tech strategist with over 15 years' experience. Previously, Craig served as Director of Product for First Data'™s mobile banking and has led industry consultative research for both the banking & technology sectors in prior roles. Craig holds a bachelor'™s degree in Government and Economics from Dartmouth.