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7885: Trust Your AI Models: IBM Watson OpenScale and IBM Cloud Private for Data

IBM Cloud Private for Data

AI is key to achieving strategic imperatives, and AI investments are increasing rapidly. Yet only a handful of enterprise applications infused with AI are launched into production. Learn more about issues surrounding trust and explainability, the skills required to build and support AI, practical application of AI across its lifecycle, and how IBM Watson OpenScale is helping to enable AI adoption at production scale. We will also talk about building trusted AI across the enterprise on a multicloud environment using IBM Cloud Private for Data. Attendees will learn how the two products come together to create trusted AI models that can build groundbreaking enterprise applications.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics IBM Cloud Private for Data
Data & AI Theater C
Fri (February 15), 9:30AM PT


Tanmay Sinha

Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM

Susannah Shattuck

Offering Manager, AI OpenScale & Watson on IBM Cloud Private, IBM

Susannah Shattuck has spent her career connecting the dots between people and machines. Currently, she is an Offering Manager for Watson OpenScale, IBM's platform for monitoring, managing, and scaling AI performance in production. In previous roles at IBM, she helped Fortune 500 companies develop strategies for leveraging AI to help with everything from customer care to back office innovation.