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7856: GROW: Bold Decisions for Career Growth

Smarter Business

Studies show the average human makes 35,000 decisions every single day. Some are personal. Some are professional. When it comes to your career, those decisions are personal AND professional. As you watch many of your leaders in action, have you ever wondered what bold decisions were made to get to a certain position or role? Was there a cross road? Was it comfortable? Was there a challenge due to diversity? Were there regrets? No two careers look alike, but we can learn from others. Learn from some of the best leaders in the industry who champion, sponsor, support and mentor a diverse talent pool. Listen and engage as they share their experience on making bold, inclusive career decisions, the thought process, the struggle, and the rewards.

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Park Theater
Fri (February 15), 9:30AM PT


Rachel Reinitz

IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM Cloud Garage, IBM

Rachel Reinitz is an IBM Fellow, CTO and Founder of the IBM Garage. The IBM Garages are consulting labs in startup communities that partner with clients to transform how they design, develop, and deploy cloud applications. You can learn more about the Garage and the IBM Cloud Garage Method at

Opal Perry

EVP and Chief Information Officer, Hertz Global Holdings

Stephanie Carullo

Chief Operating Officer, Box

Stephanie Carullo is Chief Operating Officer at Box, a cloud content management company, where she oversees operations and go-to-market strategy.

Prior to Box, Ms. Carullo spent more than 25 years leading and growing billion-dollar businesses spanning global markets and industries at some of the world's leading technology companies.

Tracey Welson-Rossman

CMO,Chariot Solutions and Founder,, Chariot Solutions and

Xiaojun Huang

Digital Transformation Leader, Exxon Mobil