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7222: From Space to Earth... and Back Again

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From landing a man on the moon to launching AI into space, over the past 50 years the speed of innovation has rivaled our own ability to imagine the future. Technology that once seemed far in the distant future is now our everyday reality, making all of our “moonshot”ambitions, opportunities and ideas just…real life. Yet, how does reaching for the stars impact our perception and the way we live on Earth? Join us to hear from those who were behind the success of Apollo 11, as well as new trailblazers and visionaries radically changing the world from space to Earth, and back again!

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Park Theater
Thu (February 14), 1:30PM PT


Taylor Richardson

Astronaut StarBright, Astronaut StarBright

Taylor Richardson, also known as Astronaut StarBright, is an advocate, speaker, and philanthropist with aspirations of becoming an astronaut. After visiting numerous NASA Space Centers and participating in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Space Camp she was inspired to get more girls interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

This year a documentary on Taylor titled, "ASTRONAUT STARBRIGHT: The Story of a Young STEM Advocate" will be released on the film festival circuit, where it has already earned two awards.

Taylor has graced the covers of Women in Aviation and Scholastic Science World magazines, and her service and advocacy have earned her distinctions such as Teen Vogue 21 under 21 and Glamour's 17 Girls Who Really Changed the World.

Matthias Biniok

Lead Watson Architect DACH, IBM

Matthias Biniok studied computer science and IT management. He worked in several IBM departments before he started working as Cognitive Solution Architect at IBM Watson in Munich. Currently, Matthias is the Lead Watson Architect DACH. He is project lead and AI architect of Project CIMON (sending an autonomously free-flying robot with AI powered by IBM Watson to the international space station).

Steve Smith

Astronaut, Stanford MBA , and 12-year Diplomat, Astronaut, Stanford MBA , and 12-year Diplomat

Steve Smith is one of America's most experienced astronauts, a Stanford MBA, and 12-year Diplomat. He has an unrivaled mix of outer space experience, technology and manufacturing knowledge, and understanding of international business and diplomacy after 35 years at IBM and NASA. His abilities as a decision maker, strategic thinker, and international negotiator have enabled him to develop product and operations strategies which balanced financial, technical, and political realities.

Emily Calandrelli

Executive Producer and Emmy-nominated host of Fox's Exploration Outer Space, Executive Producer and Emmy-nominated host of Fox's Exploration Outer Space

Emily Calandrelli is an Executive Producer and an Emmy nominated host of FOX's Xploration Outer Space, a chief correspondent on Netflix's show, Bill Nye Saves The World, and writer and host of "Spotlight Space" a YouTube series from Lockheed Martin detailing their latest space projects in development.

Emily, who was named to Adweek's "11 Celebrities and Influencers Raising the Bar for Creativity in 2017", is an accomplished writer and speaker on the topics of space exploration, scientific literacy, and equality.

Emily has given talks about the importance of science literacy, the benefits of space exploration, and the challenges for women in STEM careers for clients as well as dozens of K-12 schools across the nation. Her first two TEDx talks have garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube.

Emily attended West Virginia University, where she received degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, and MIT where she received two Masters of Science degrees.

Homer Ahr

Space Exploration Advocate, Space Exploration Advocate

Homer Ahr, a retired IBM Consulting IT Architect, is a self-taught computer programmer who graduated from St. Mary's after earning a degree in Mathematics and Physics in June, 1968. He immediately joined IBM and a year later was on the console in Mission Control for Apollo 11-the mission that landed the first man on the moon. The next year, he was a maneuver control operator in Mission Control for Apollo 13 and a part of the team that managed to safely bring the damaged craft back to Earth. The team earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award from President Richard Nixon for their efforts. After 17 years on the USA's space program, Homer worked at IBM's Austin Development lab for 10 years, and then became a Consulting Architect for IBM on Health and Human Services Systems. In 2011, Ahr was featured to represent the 4000 IBMers who worked on the Apollo Space Program in multiple events celebrating IBM's contributions to historic and technological achievements.