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6232: Wandera + IBM MaaS360: End-to-End Mobile Risk Management

Prove Compliance and Enforce Security Basics

This talk presents details on the IBM/Wandera partnership and the integration that combines the power of IBM MaaS360’s unified endpoint management (UEM) and Wandera’s secure mobile gateway. We will present use cases on how customers are using this solution to better understand mobile data usage and enforce policies that limit their overall risk exposure. Topics covered include: How MaaS360 with Watson plus Wandera MI:RIAM yields mobile insights that ease the burden of mobility management; and looking beyond the FUD in mobile security—what's hot, what's real, what's relevant, and, more importantly, how do we protect?

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Prove Compliance and Enforce Security Basics
Security & Resiliency Theater A
Thu (February 14), 4:30PM PT


Jay Allen

Technical Alliances Director, Wandera

Jay is the Technical Alliances Director at Wandera, responsible for managing Global Technical Alliances and Strategic Partnerships. An experienced Technical Leader with a proven track record of leading global technical teams. He has also acted as a speaker at many industry events, conferences and trade shows.

Michael Covington

VP, Product Strategy, Wandera

Michael J. Covington, Ph.D. is a seasoned technologist and the vice president of product for Wandera, a leader in mobile security and data management. Dr. Covington is a hands-on innovator with broad experience across the entire product life cycle, from planning R&D to executing on company strategy. He previously held leadership roles at Intel Labs, Cisco Security and Juniper Networks.

Alex Cherian

Program Director, MaaS360 Offering Management, IBM

Alex has over 18 years of software development and product management experience in IBM. He has over 8 years of experience building cybersecurity products and currently handles product management and strategy for IBM MaaS360 with Watson a leading unified endpoint management and security solution.