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6533: Expose the Attacker: Learn Advanced Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and How to Detect Them

Stop Threats and Respond Effectively

Think you’re safe from attackers because you regularly patch systems and don’t allow users to have admin rights? Think again. Advanced attackers use a variety of tools and techniques to exploit endpoints with even the best security hygiene. Don’t let the attackers win. Gain early warning signs of advanced exploits so you can block the attack earlier in the attack cycle and ultimately keep your organization’s data and assets safe. In this session, you will learn about advanced attack techniques and how to expose even the stealthiest attack tactics.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Stop Threats and Respond Effectively
Security & Resiliency Theater A
Thu (February 14), 12:30PM PT


Jose Bravo

NA Security Architect, IBM

31 years at IBM. I also have posted more than more than five hundred short YouTube videos with around than 780K views more than 4.5K subscribers, on QRadar and other components of the IBM Security portfolio. I have eleven security patents granted. BS in Electronic Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, and have a Master of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI.