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7260: The Future of Work


The future of work is here! Supported by innovative technologies and processes, this collaboration between humans and machines further enhances the strengths of the organizations that embrace it. The leaders in this space are applying intelligent automation (automation further empowered by AI) across not one, but multiple styles of work. The Future of Work includes fully implemented intelligent, enterprise automation that transforms the employee and customer experience and enhances business impact.

Core Curriculum Automation
Data & AI Theater C
Thu (February 14), 3:30PM PT


Mike Gilfix

VP, Digital Business Automation, IBM

Michael Gilfix is the Vice President of Digital Business Automation. In this role, he has global responsibility for offering management, engineering, and design for business process management, decision management, enterprise content management, and robotic process automation.

Gene Chao

Vice President & GM - IBM Automation, IBM

Gene globally leads the IBM Automation Services & Solution business. He has responsibilities to build/develop our services, technical platform, skills and competencies across automation/autonomics, artificial intelligence, and enterprise solutions.

Joseph Gownder

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester

J. P. Gownder is a vice president and principal analyst serving CIOs, CTOs, and other technology and business leaders. He leads Forrester's research into the impact that automation, AI, and robotics have on the future of work, the future of jobs, and the economy. He holds MA and BA degrees from Harvard.