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7868: How VMware Global Support Services Builds Use-Cases with Watson to Transform the Support Exper


VMware’s challenge is to become the most proactive support organization in the world while delivering highly personalized interaction with our customers. This is a formidable challenge considering hundreds of thousands of customers; increasingly complex interactions between software products, networks, and clouds; and keeping an internal technical support organization that spans the globe engaged and informed for high-value problem solving interactions. This means enabling machine learning technologies across many different areas of the support services business. We’ll discuss how we’ve divided our AI/ML program into three major areas: the self-driving datacenter/proactive support; faster forensics; and personalization.

Core Curriculum Cloud
Business Partner Showcase Theater I
Thu (February 14), 11:30AM PT


Alex Bewley

Sr. Manager, Digital Platform Architecture, VMware

Alex is part of the VMware Global Services Digital Platform team which in one and a half years from concept to corporate strategic priority, launched a product called Skyline. Skyline radically transforms VMware's support organization from reactive to proactive by using machine learning techniques on real-time telemetry data from customer environments.