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7417: The Cognitive Enterprise: Re-Engineer Workflows for the Future

IBM Research

Creating a cognitive enterprise does not depend solely on adding new technology. Redefining how work gets down is a critical first step. Organizations engineered processes for efficiency and imposed them on workers; AI and exponential technologies are liberating organizations for far greater agility. This depends on redesigning processes as cross operations workflows, leveraging technology to improve experiences and drive operational situational awareness. Business process platforms orchestrate across those workflows—strategically infusing automation, AI and data to improve how work gets done. Successful, future-ready organizations will gain competitive advantage by using business process platforms to adapt to a shifting marketplace.

Core Curriculum IBM Research
Smarter Business Showcase Theater B
Thu (February 14), 11:30AM PT


Dominique Dubois

null, IBM

Dominique Dubois is the Strategy and Innovation Executive for IBM’s Cognitive Process Transformation unit. She has spent the last 20 years focused on innovative solutions in business process redesign. Most recently, Dominique has focused on her passion to help companies build agility into their operations through the targeted application of automation, data and AI applications.

Tashina Charagi

Vice President, Product Operations, ADP inc.

Mike Croucher

Head of Technical Strategy and Chief Architect, Travelport

Mike is Chief Architect and Head of Technical Strategy at Travelport, with 40 years experience implementing IT systems across large, global organisations and innovating IT and business change in the travel sector. Previous to Travelport Mike lead IT at British Airways (BA) for 15 years and spent his early career at Scandinavian Airlines in Copenhagen.