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7607: Crypto Assets: How are They Being Used to Make Payments on Blockchain?


This discussion will focus on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and their impact on local economies and cryptocurrencies. CBDCs can be divided into two forms. A retail CBDC is a digital version of central bank fiat currency that is universally available, which entails public access to central bank liabilities, as it partially replaces banknotes. In the case of a wholesale CBDC, the accessibility to this form of money is limited to commercial banks and clearing houses that make up the interbank market. This session explores the use of CBDCs plus many types of crypto assets and the roles they can play in token economics.

Core Curriculum Blockchain
Smarter Business Showcase Theater B
Thu (February 14), 8:30AM PT


Jesse Lund

Global Vice President, IBM Blockchain, IBM

Ram Komarraju

Head of Innovation & Solution Delivery, CLS Bank

Michael Warner

Senior Strategist, Federal Reserve Bank (San Francisco)

Michael Warner is a Senior Strategist in IT at the San Francisco Federal Reserve.

Tammy Camp

CEO, Stronghold

Tammy is the CEO of Stronghold, a financial services platform that is native to distributed ledger technology (DLT). Tammy served as the first Head of Growth at Stellar, helping the network grow to 4 million users in its first two months. A former partner at 500 Startups, she invested in portfolio companies and ran the growth and marketing curriculum for its flagship Silicon Valley location.

Jed McCaleb

President, Stellar Development Foundation