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7733: Digital Transformation Begins with a Solid Shared Foundation for Development, QA, Ops and Secu

Collaboration Solutions

Velocity and speed of execution determine the winners. The faster your software teams can deliver, the bigger your advantage. Yet traditional software development has multiple layers of friction, checkpoints and bottlenecks, often making simple projects complex, expensive and lengthy. Teams waste time waiting for inputs, fixing mistakes, shifting from one tool to another, waiting for infrastructure and maintaining complexly integrated toolchains, all of which slows innovation. Learn how to streamline your DevOps toolchain, reduce cycle times and increase the speed at which you do business.

Core Curriculum Collaboration Solutions
Business Partner Showcase Theater I
Thu (February 14), 10:00AM PT


Brandon Jung

VP of Alliances, GitLab

Brandon serves as VP for Alliances at GitLab where he is responsible for partnerships, acquisitions, and industry groups. Before GitLab Brandon founded and built Google’s Cloud ecosystem with companies like Red Hat, Docker, IBM, CTP and Accenture. His career began at IBM where he built expertise in engineering, sales, marketing, corp strategy, and finally as a principal for cloud.