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7256: How Big Data Is Changing the Way We Work, Live and Dream


More and more data is being generated by people engaging in everyday activities. The resulting data exhaust is an amazing source of insights about human behavior—insights based on actual behaviors, not samples. This talk will review the evolution of big data technologies, explore why this shift is happening now, and discuss changes that are likely to occur in the near future. It will share stories of big data and analytics done well by different types of organizations. It will also explain practical tools and techniques attendees can consider when thinking about how to use their own data—as well as how to best use their company's data.

Core Curriculum Infrastructure
Cloud & Infrastructure Theater F
Thu (February 14), 10:30AM PT


Hilary Mason

General Manager of Machine Learning, Cloudera

Our speaker, Hilary Mason, is General Manager of machine learning at Cloudera, Inc. She was CEO and Founder of Fast Forward Labs, an independent data technology research lab that was acquired by Cloudera, Inc. in 2017. She is also Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm. She was Chief Scientist at bitly from 2009-2013, the link-shortening service that facilitates sharing across many social media platforms. While at bitly, Hilary sifted through the records of the hundreds of millions of clicks to find patterns. That's a lot of data. She can tell you, if people visit your website, what other pages they're probably looking at. Hilary is also a member of NYCResistor and Mayor Bloomberg's Technology and Innovation Advisory Council. She is on Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business 2013.