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7433: Cloud Security State of the Union

Cloud Security

Security is a key concern when adopting the cloud. IBM Cloud’s unique security capabilities help enterprises adopt cloud with confidence. Clients can achieve continuous security for their cloud applications while protecting their data in every form—at rest, in transit and in use. During the session IBM customer KONE will highlight how they utilized IBM technologies to build authentication and authorization into their applications. Shuttle Fund will discuss how they built a hybrid cloud-native application to secure digital assets utilizing IBM Hyper Protect Services. The session will also include a demo and highlight the comprehensive IBM Cloud security portfolio to help enterprises adopt cloud with confidence.

Core Curriculum Cloud Cloud Security
Cloud & Infrastructure Theater F
Thu (February 14), 9:30AM PT


Nataraj Nagaratnam

Distinguished Engineer, CTO & Director, Cloud Security, IBM

Dr. Nataraj (Raj) Nagaratnam is CTO for IBM Cloud Security. As Distinguished Engineer, he drives technical strategy and architecture for cloud security solutions

Brad Chun

Chief Investment Officer, Shuttle Holdings

Brad is the Chairman and CIO of Shuttle Holdings, a specialist investment company that focuses on disruptive technologies in areas of trust, identity, finance, and governance. Brad is a polyglot developer, experienced banker, and visionary leader with a current passion for all things blockchain. His utopia is a global economy unencumbered by artificial friction in trade and powered by blockchains.

Kerwin Guevarra

Head of Services and Solutions R&D, KONE Americas, KONE

Kerwin leads the innovation and development of services and digital solutions across North America. He has helped lead the introduction of KONE 24/7 Connected Services and Advanced People Flow solutions. His various experience including multi-disciplinary engineering background and program management is instrumental in driving strategic innovative and industrialization of digital solutions.