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7820: Mycelia - Connecting the Dots for Music Makers


Imogen Heap is a multi-award winning recording artist -recently recognized for the score of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play- with an insatiable appetite and energy to create, collaborate, connect and share ideas in and around music tech. As the founder of Mycelia, a music maker's research and development hub using blockchain-based technology, Heap created The Creative Passport, a digital container to hold verified profile data to help get music makers - and their works - linked and open (data) for business. She'll share her passion to achieve a sustainable and vibrant music industry ecosystem, and her positive outlook for the future of music makers, who are the connective tissue for the music industry.

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Park Theater
Thu (February 14), 11:30AM PT


Imogen Heap

Musician, Producer, Composer, Musician, Producer, Composer

London based recording artist Imogen Heap blurs boundaries between pure art form and creative entrepreneurship. Writing and producing 4 solo albums and collaborating with music greats Jeff Beck, Mika and Josh Groban, amongst others, Heap has penned tracks for movies, TV shows and produced the score for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, winning the 'Outstanding Music in a Play' Drama Desk Award.