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7576: Infrastructure Designed to Help Enterprises Adopt Cutting-Edge AI to Solve Business Problems

Data and Analytics

Building a successful AI solution pushes infrastructure demands to new heights. To crunch volumes of data at the speed AI requires, you need massive processing power, high throughput, and GPU acceleration. Learn how PointR Data Inc. was able to leverage IBM PowerAI Vision on Power Systems to train edge AI applications that integrates cameras and other sensors to provide real-time business intelligence at scale. Join us and see demos featuring industry use cases for retail, transportation and logistics.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics
Business Partner Showcase Theater I
Wed (February 13), 4:00PM PT


Sarah Saund

Co-Founder and CEO at PointR Data Inc, PointR Data Inc

Saran Saund is a virtuoso Silicon Valley entrepreneur. As CEO of PointR Data Inc., he leads a team of versatile data scientists and engineers in democratizing AI applications in the Enterprise. From scan less stores like Amazon GO to inspecting rail carriages in remote areas, Saran is deploying deep neural networks at the edge to replace human vision with machines.