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7496: Changing the Security Equation: Achieving More Effective Security with Cisco

Stop Threats and Respond Effectively

How do you change the security equation for your organization? With fast-moving threats, tons of products to manage from dozens of vendors, and teams stretched to a breaking point, cybersecurity is difficult and complex. This complexity seemingly puts the good guys at a disadvantage as attackers quickly and constantly update their techniques to get inside the enterprise. And, to be successful, the bad guys only have to be right once. This talk explains how Cisco is enabling “collaborative defense” for your organization by teaming up with IBM's Services and Security teams to deliver integrated security solutions that effectively reduce the time to detect and respond to a threat. Come learn how you can quickly improve your security posture.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Stop Threats and Respond Effectively
Business Partner Showcase Theater I
Wed (February 13), 9:00AM PT


Mohammed Ahmed

Business Development Executive, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Mohammed Ahmed is a Business Development Executive at Cisco where he manages the global strategic partnership with IBM. As part of his responsibilities, Ahmed leads the architecture alignment and Go-To-Market efforts between the two companies for Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Collaboration, and Blockchain. He has led the development and delivery of various transformational solutions between the two companies.