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6933: Put AI to Work


AI has fundamentally changed the way companies engage with their employees and customers, and operate their business. From increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction to automating key business processes, many companies are seeing value from their AI deployments.

In this session, you’ll hear about specific outcomes - from improved NPS to millions of dollars in savings - from companies that have successfully implemented Watson and the tools, methods, and skills that helped them get there. We’ll also take a look at emerging use cases where Watson is being put to work and new technologies to help clients accelerate the value they get from their AI projects.

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Think Theater
Thu (February 14), 10:30AM PT


Jamie Gutfreund

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Wunderman

Beth Smith

GM, IBM Watson AI, IBM

As the GM of Watson, Beth Smith is responsible for the overall success of IBM Watson's AI strategy and execution. She leads the end-to-end business including the engineering and delivery of the technology, and the global ecosystem of Watson partners and developers. Fueled by scientific innovations born out of IBM's research and engineering teams, Watson is IBM's flagship AI system.

James M. Lee

CEO, LegalMation

James M. Lee is co-founder and CEO of LegalMation. As a former experienced litigator, he has tried numerous cases in federal and state courts. He has been recognized as a top business litigator by various legal publications including the National Law Journal. He is a frequent and noted speaker and commentator in the field of AI and innovations in the field of law. He received his J.D. from Stanford Law School, and his B.S. from the University of Southern California. At LegalMation, James serves as the key driver of the Company's vision and strategy.

Naresh Vyas

Head of Solutions Delivery, Royal Bank of Scotland

Judd Smith

Director AI Strategy, Sprint

As Director of AI Strategy at Sprint, Judd is responsible for strategy and execution of artificial intelligence technologies powering intelligent and engaging customer experiences across OMNI channels. Focus includes digital transformation, conversational commerce, and agent assist for sales and customer service lifecycle management.