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6820: The Road to AI—A Journey to Modernize Your Data Architecture

Hybrid Data Management

AI is radically transforming business. Are you ready? The evolving nature of data in 2018 is forcing data management solutions for analytics architectures to evolve, too. The key is to build a modern data architecture that is open, flexible and scalable. IBM Hybrid Data Management not only advances your ability to make your business insight-driven, reduce costs, and enhance productivity—but also positions your organization for the future, one in which the use of AI is required. Learn how, with IBM Hybrid Data Management, your organization can modernize its data architecture and begin its journey to becoming AI-driven.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics Hybrid Data Management
Data & AI Theater C
Wed (February 13), 3:30PM PT


Thomas Chu

Director, Offering Management, Hybrid Data Management, IBM

Matthias Funke

Director, OM Hybrid Data Management, IBM

I believe in the fundamental importance of data and enjoy to help IBM help our clients tackle the challenges around that: managing complex data architectures enabling the collection and processing of all relevant data in support of scalable, self-service access for end users.
I co-lead the IBM Analytics Hybrid Data Management business segment.