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7476: Simplifying Enterprise Workloads with Modern Cloud Infrastructure


Trade-offs of current and emerging technologies for infrastructure design continue to blend and play critical roles for businesses operating across the entire cloud platform. Industry pipelines for larger-than-life workloads are focusing more on driving innovation across the stack with a unified architecture as workflows demand more interactivity. Come learn how IBM Cloud Infrastructure is evolving their strategy and driving the pace for these next-generation capabilities. We’ll also sit down with today’s top leaders in the field of internet-based technology for media and entertainment to hear first-hand how rising compute, storage and networking trends shape their IT moves across the cloud.

Core Curriculum Cloud
Cloud & Infrastructure Theater F
Wed (February 13), 3:30PM PT


Satinder Sethi

GM, IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services, IBM

Yi Wang

General Manager, Tencent Cloud Intl

Davy now is leading the technical team in Tencent Cloud America. Previously he worked as the regional director of Amazon AWS Greater China Region and was the first in the country to obtain AWS expert level certification. He used to be a senior technical expert and director of Alibaba Cloud. Also worked at IBM as a Senior Architect Manager at IBM Global Services.

Matthew Prince

CEO, Cloudflare

Matthew Prince is co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare and is the co-creator of Project Honey Pot, the largest community of webmasters tracking online fraud and abuse. Matthew holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, earned his J.D. from the University of Chicago, and received a B.A. in English Literature and Computer Science from Trinity College.

Raejeanne Skillern

VP Data Center Group and GM of the Cloud Service Provider Platform Group (CPG), Intel Corporation

Raejeanne Skillern is VP in the Data Center Group and GM of the Cloud Service Provider Platform Group at Intel. She manages Intel’s business, roadmap and customer engagements for public cloud infrastructure deployments and leads the team responsible for working closely with the world’s largest cloud service providers to optimize Intel’s data center solutions for their unique needs.