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7705: Unleashing Technology for Social Good

Smarter Business

In the age of artificial intelligence and digital acceleration, leaders, like IBM, are reinventing the way they address critical societal needs. Guillermo Miranda, Vice President & Global Head of IBM Corporate Citizenship, along with featured guest speakers, will dive into various ways technology has disrupted and advanced the traditional means of creating a powerful social impact. Using examples from IBM's world-class initiatives in sustainability and education, this talk will highlight how to leverage technology, partnerships, and activation for social good.

Featured Sessions Smarter Business
Park Theater
Wed (February 13), 3:30PM PT


Guillermo Miranda

Vice President & Global Head of IBM Corporate Citizenship, IBM

Guillermo Miranda is VP & Global Head of IBM Corporate Citizenship. He leads IBM’s Citizenship Sustainability and Reputation (CSR) and Social Impact initiatives which drive the digital transformation of IBM's citizenship programs and initiatives to create the future. Guillermo is deeply engaged in using digital learning to transform the workforce for the future. He is passionate about the tangible benefits of diversity and inclusion. Since 1997, he has served IBM in various leadership roles around the world, beginning in Peru and extending across Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa and the Middle East. His previous leadership roles include IBM’s Chief Learning Officer, People & Talent Head for the Digital Business Group, Regional HR VP for Africa & Middle East, among others. Guillermo holds an MBA from Deusto University (Spain), and a Law degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He and his family live near Washington, D.C.

Rachel Krausman

Senior Director, 2-1-1, United Way Worldwide

Julia D. Turek

P-TECH, Corporate Citizenship Intern, IBM

Julia is an eighteen-year-old DACAmented student currently attending P-TECH Norwalk, the first P-TECH school to open in Connecticut. She will graduate with her Associate's degree in Software Engineering along with her high school diploma in the Spring of 2019. Julia currently serves as a Citizenship Intern at IBM. Julia plans to major in interdisciplinary studies where she will continue to forge her ability to solve for world issues through technology. After college, she plans on continuing to work on citizenship and education initiatives at IBM. Julia is committed to leveraging her story and skills to inspire the same passion and understanding within the next generation. She believes it is vital to teach students how to integrate technology into their interests because tech is no longer the future, it is the here and now.