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Interview with Michael Joran and Rohit Badlaney

The Cube

Join us as theCUBE interviews Michael Jordan, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Z Security, IBM Systems, and Rohit Badlaney, Director, IBM Z As a Service, IBM Systems, on the state of the industry, new announcements, and more.

Core Curriculum The Cube
Lobby North (near escalator)
Wed (February 13), 4:30PM PT


Rohit Badlaney

Director - IBM Z As a Service, IBM

Michael J. Jordan

Distinguished Engineer - IBM Z Security, IBM

Michael is a IBM Distinguished Engineer focused on IBM Z security and is the overall technical leader for IBM Z pervasive encryption. He has over 29 years of IBM Z experience; including 25 years of development experience, 4 years in a client facing role leading complex and large-scale IBM Z projects and holds over 20 patents in the areas of IBM Z Security, Cryptography, and Parallel Sysplex.