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6643: Managing at the Helm: Achieving an IAM Transformation to the Cloud at BCBSMA

Govern Identities with Digital Trust

In regulated, established industries like insurance, change is slow. The technical debt of IT environments is high, regulations are exacting, and processes are tangled in complex organizational structures. How can identity teams effect meaningful change in this climate? When BCBSMA was faced with the task of modernizing its IAM, Angela Patsios, Senior Project Manager/Program Manager, knew this would require changing course. In this session, Angela will discuss how the team at BCBSMA drove adoption of the IBM Cloud Identity Platform with IBM's phased methodology. Success requires more than picking the right product: it takes bringing together diverse teams, focusing on user experiences, and broad thinking about impact to the business.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Govern Identities with Digital Trust
Security & Resiliency Theater A
Wed (February 13), 9:30AM PT


Angela Patsios

Senior Project Manager/ Program Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Brenda Lech

Cloud Identity Services, Project Manager, IBM

My passion for checklists and timelines has lead me to Project Management. My college major in Computer Information Systems (CIS) gave me my technical start. My discovery of compliance, identity management and security gave me the foundation that brought me to Project Management in Cloud Identity Services (CIS). Who knew CIS would take me from the classroom to the Cloud!