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7235: Data Modernization Strategy in a MultiCloud World

Unified Governance and Integration

Clients are adopting a cloud strategy on the journey to AI to innovate, experiment, achieve faster time to value and differentiate in the marketplace. They are looking for cloud providers that offer scalability and unparalleled reliability, and do not want to be locked into a single vendor. Did you know that more than 94% of the clients that are on cloud use more than one cloud provider? Today, large enterprises typically use as many as five cloud providers. It is therefore imperative that cloud providers have strong multicloud strategies and are continuously modernizing their architectures. Please join us to hear about IBM's multicloud strategy and the role modernization plays in enabling it.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics Unified Governance and Integration
Data & AI Theater C
Wed (February 13), 11:30AM PT


Upasana Bhattacharya

Offering Manager, IBM

Jean-Claude Mamou

STSM and Program Director. DataWorks, Cloud Data Services, IBM