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Practical Tips to Manage and Run Successful Enterprise Data Lakes

Unified Governance

Organizations are increasingly turning to data to drive innovation. Most organizations have built data lakes to drive self-service analytics and data discovery to drive business insights. But many are finding that they have just brought data silos together and built data puddles, or that their data lakes do not connect. Data scientists and other users are spending time cleansing data instead of driving insights. In this session, we will discuss real-life scenarios in which ING Bank and Scotia Bank overcame their challenges with building and managing effective data lakes. Join this panel discussion to learn practical steps you can incorporate in your data lakes that will help you to know your data, trust your data and use your data.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics Unified Governance
Cloud and Data Campus Theater A
Thu (March 22), 9:30AM PT


Daniel Hernandez

Vice President of Offering Management for IBM Analytics, IBM

Daniel G. Hernandez is the Vice President of Offering Management responsible for the strategy, transformation, and performance of the hybrid data management, data science & machine learning, and governance and integration businesses at IBM. He and the Analytics team are on a mission to make data simple for everyone. The offerings and services they deliver such as Db2, SPSS and Information Server help clients around the world collect, store, and manage all data, generate insights, explanations, and predictions that inspire data-driven decision making, and protect data so that it always safe and trusted.

Michael Willette

Technical Fellow, USAA

Michael currently serves as the Technical Fellow for Data and Analytics, Chief financial office, Chief Legal office, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance . Primary objectives in this role include setting long-term strategic technical direction for the Association for my respective Domains, working with business side partners to understand needs and future capabilities, and selection of analytic and data infrastructure.

Ferd Scheepers

Chief Information Architect, ING Group

“Ferd Scheepers is the global Chief Information Architect of ING. Ferd has been driving ING’s journey to becoming a data driven company for the last 5 years. As part of this journey, he has defined ING’s architecture for Information management, best known as the ING Data Lake, and has implemented this architecture across the globe. He has published (with IBM) on Data Lakes, and is a frequent speaker on both major vendor conferences, and on open source summits. Currently he is championing the Apache Atlas & ODPi open metadata initiative. Passionate about data and information, both on the opportunities and the risks, Ferd loves to share his vision and ideas on what data will mean for both companies, and for individuals.”

Patricia Maqetuka

Chief Data Officer, Nedbank