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Deconstructing AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Business Needs

The era of AI is upon us. But as with any new technology, new problems arise, and businesses are having trouble turning data into AI insights. Skilled data scientists are in short supply, data preparation is a constant time-suck, and a growing number of open source models conflate and confuse the ecosystem, thwarting broader adoption. But those that can overcome these barriers are disrupting industries, reaping revenue streams through new business models, and improving client experiences. Hear how a combination of next-gen hardware focused on widening I/O bottlenecks and accelerating across the stack, along with deep learning software focused on flattening the deep learning curve to value, is helping to overcome those difficulties.

Core Curriculum Infrastructure Business Needs
Modern Infrastructure Campus Theater A
Wed (March 21), 11:30AM PT


Sumit Gupta

VP, HPC, AI & Machine Learning, IBM

Richard Liu

Quantitative Analytics Manager, Wells Fargo