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Empower Your Business with a Hybrid Cloud Data Architecture

Hybrid Data Management

Among the best ways to deliver a business advantage are to be more efficient at new application development, and to leverage all your data sources for deeper insights. Success depends on your ability to converge data on the right data architecture for increased responsiveness. We will explain the benefits of a common database and data warehouse strategy so you can land transaction data, then easily analyze or move it without application rewrites. See how AMC Networks has partnered with IBM to build an enterprise hybrid cloud platform for industry-leading insights into audience preferences. Find out how to get your development projects off to a solid start on this flexible hybrid cloud platform that puts data to work for you.

Core Curriculum Data and Analytics Hybrid Data Management
Cloud and Data Campus Theater A
Tue (March 20), 12:30PM PT


Matthias Funke

Director, OM Hybrid Data Management, IBM

Matthias helps clients build data management solutions for Analytics and AI from ground to cloud for all workloads and all data, leveraging Open Source and proprietary IBM technology. He has more than 20 years of IBM experience and has held various leadership positions in Research & Development, Business Development and Offering Management. He has a strong passion for data as the foundation for business success and a better life.

Thomas Chu

Director, Offering Management, Hybrid Data Management, IBM

Thomas is the Director of Offering Management for IBM Hybrid Data Management that spans Cloud, Private cloud, and on-premises integrated solutions. Throughout his career, Thomas has served in a variety of development management roles for IBM data server and data warehousing software, as well as integrated data management systems.