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Transform Your Security Organization: Lessons Learned from IBM's Cyber Range

Transforming Your Security Program

In day-to-day security operations, organizations need to be equipped with the right tools, best practices, expertise, and leadership skills. The IBM X-Force Command Center is a state-of-the-art cyber range fully equipped to help teams simulate a live attack scenario. Over 1,300 customers have come through the range since its inception, so the the amount of cyber best practices collected is massive. Join this session to learn how to take your cyber incident business response from "good" to "great" with a pervasive security culture. This session is designed for security teams, executives, and all lines of business to help grasp the impact of a security threat while experiencing a live simulation.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Transforming Your Security Program
Security and Resiliency Campus Theater A
Tue (March 20), 3:30PM PT


Christopher C. Crummey

IBM Security Executive, IBM

Christopher leads the IBM Security X-Force Command Customer Experience strategy thru Evangelism and Outreach. The X-Force Command Cyber Range is the first commercially built range in the world to educate them on best practices in how they would respond to a cyber incident.

Bob Stasio

Program Director - Cyber Threat Hunting and Analysis, i2 Intelligence, IBM

Allison Ritter

Creative Director of IBM X-Force Command Center, IBM Security

Allison Ritter is the Cyber Range Threat Gamification Engineer and Creative director for the IBM X-Force Command Center, IBM's cyber range. Allison is responsible for all the Cyber Range Challenges for our customers. In 2017, she co-lead all 1400 customers thru highly immersive and gamified cyber simulations.