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Betting Big on Blockchain for Business

Business Needs

Blockchain can transform the business—if done right. There are many considerations for a business in selecting a platform to reap the promise of Blockchain. But the one non-negotiable blockchain tradeoff is immutability. Hear about real client use cases from IBM experts who have worked with hundreds of clients, and from clients themselves, on how they ensure immutability in Blockchain networks. Learn how IBM Blockchain Platform has transformed businesses from banking to retail to transportation, and how the underlying technology that makes this the platform for business.

Core Curriculum Infrastructure Business Needs
Modern Infrastructure Campus Theater A
Thu (March 22), 9:30AM PT


Donna Dillenberger

IBM Fellow, Enterprise Solutions, IBM

Donna Dillenberger is an IBM Fellow at the Thomas J Watson Research Center. In 2005, she became IBM's Chief Technology Officer of IT Optimization. In 2006, she became an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Engineering. She is a Master Inventor and is currently working on artificial intelligence, blockchain, security and enterprise systems.

Ross Mauri

General Manager IBM Z, IBM

Ram Komarraju

Head of Innovation & Solution Delivery, CLS Bank