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Needs of enterprises are evolving. Disruption is everywhere. Your systems of record may be your secret weapon. In this session, learn from our panel of clients—Carhartt, KLM and TPx—as they share experiences and lessons learned from using their SoRs as strategic tools for digital transformation. Leave inspired to unlock the power of your own proprietary data, differentiate your enterprise, and create the competitive advantage you need.

Core Curriculum Services Cloud
Business and AI Campus Theater A
Thu (March 22), 11:30AM PT



General Manager, GBS Application Services Global Business Services, IBM

When innovation and collaboration combine, they create a dynamic
force that dislodges old ideas, drives progress, and disrupts the
competitive landscape. We call this the power of inspiration. Rajesh
Nambiar has been inspiring teams across the IBM Client Innovation
Centers in India, China and Philippines - leading change and progress
for all of IBM’s stakeholders. He has also led consulting and applica-
tions services business across six countries while working in the IBM
ASEAN Singapore office.
Now in his role as General Manager and Global Leader for IBM’s
Application Services and custodian of IBM’s culture across the organi-
zation, Mr. Nambiar is responsible for offering development, solution-
ing, sales and delivery of all applications for IBM’s clients worldwide.
An inspirational leader who has been invited to participate in numer-
ous executive-level committees and organizations.

John Hill

CIO, Carhartt

John Hill is the Chief information Officer at Carhartt and is responsible for working with the rest of Carhartt’s senior leadership team to define its technology strategy for the company’s growth objectives. John leads the teams responsible for planning and executing initiatives to meet the company’s technology vision while ensuring that informational systems are available and secure. In addition to his technology responsibilities John is responsible for the company's Planning and Pricing functions.

Previous to Carhartt John has held executive positions in technology, business development and supply chain at organizations such as Grainger, Roche, IBM, General Motors and the Province of Ontario.

John is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and began his career as an officer in the Air Force.

Walter Prinzhorn

Office of CIO, Air France - KLM

Josephine Young