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Threats Are Moving Fast—Are You? Rethink Your Approach with the IBM Threat Management Lifecycle POV

Transforming Your Security Program

How do you protect your organization from attacks when your environment is evolving almost as fast as the threat landscape? Most organizations try to keep up by adding layers of tools to their disparate security solutions. This only increases the complexity of the problem, leaving businesses vulnerable to gaps. In this session, we will discuss how to turn the historical approach on its head, empowering security teams with an adaptable security threat management framework that is end-to-end, but customizable to their needs. Based on the NIST Cyber Resiliency lifecycle, IBM’s approach to transforming your security program will help future-proof your program against threats and the evolving nature of your own organization’s IT ecosystem.

Core Curriculum Security and Resiliency Transforming Your Security Program
Security and Resiliency Campus Theater A
Thu (March 22), 10:30AM PT


John Wheeler

Vice President, Services Strategy, Offerings, Engineering and Business Operations, IBM

John Wheeler is currently the Vice President, Services Strategy, Offerings, Engineering and Business Operations, IBM Security. Prior to this, John was responsible for IBM’s portfolio of Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Security Services. In past roles, John led the Managed Security Services business for IBM, overseeing a global practice of security professionals and a network of 10 security operations centers that managed over 26 billion security events each day to protect thousands of customers and tens of thousands of devices. Mr. Wheeler has extensive experience working with organizations around the world designing, deploying and managing their security programs and implementing modernized solutions to address evolving threats. John is a frequent speaker at events and an advisor to executives in corporations around the world. John lives in Atlanta, GA with his family and when he isn’t fighting cyber threats, enjoys photography, cycling, cooking and community involvement.

Scott McCarthy

Global Program Director, Strategy and Offering Management, IBM