Doing Open Source Right—Learn from the Experts at IBM and Red Hat


You've likely noticed that there's a growing interest and usage of open source in your enterprise, and you need to do something to put some structure and policy in place to govern it. You may also have a key project that wants to use some new open source project you've never heard of before, and you want to know how to vet it. Now, some of your developers are also eager to contribute code upstream and seeking guidance and permission. What are the risks? What are the legal and intellectual property implications? How do you handle all of this? Come hear from some of Red Hat and IBM's most experienced experts how they have successfully managed open source policy and engagement.


Chris Ferris

CTO Open Technology, IBM

Todd Moore

VP, Open Technology, Digital Business Group, IBM

Todd leads the global IBM team developing open source technologies and working in open communities. Using both digital assets and face to face interaction with developers, he seeks to build developer confidence and capabilities to solve Cloud Native, AI, Blockchain and Quantum computing challenges. Todd and his team of developers have worked with leading open source communities to develop great code and spread best practices. He currently serves as Chairperson of the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors.

Deborah Bryant

Senior Director Open Source Program Office, RED HAT INC.

Deborah Bryant is Senior Director, Open Source Program Office, Office of the CTO at Red Hat where she leads a global team responsible for the company’s stewardship in open source software communities. Deborah serves on numerous boards where open source is a critical element of their mission. She serves as a board director at the Open Source Initiative and DemocracyLab; on the advisory boards of Open Source Elections Technology Foundation and the OASIS Open Project, and as an advisor to the Brandeis University Open Technology Management program. In 2010 Deborah received the industry Open Source Award in recognition of her contribution to open source communities and for her pioneering advocacy of open standards and the use of open source software in the public sector. Her published research includes the use of open source in cybersecurity in the energy industry and collaborative models for creating software in the public sector.

Chris Wright