Detect & Respond to Accelerating Threats


Global events such as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) make all of us attractive targets for cybersecurity criminals. While threat actors using events like COVID-19 as a lynchpin to attack organizations is not new behavior, this is a developing situation and one in which we must all remain vigilant as criminals greatly increase malicious activity. Join IBM Security experts who will share the X-Force Incident Command process, designed to help X-Force respond in a unified fashion to large-scale cyber events. Watch now and understand how X-Force can help unify and protect your organization.


Wendi Whitmore

Vice President, X-Force Threat Intelligence, IBM Security

Wendi Whitmore is a technical leader with over 15 years of experience in incident response and data breach investigations, strategic information security services, and threat intelligence analytics. At IBM, Wendi was instrumental in creating IBM X-Force IRIS which includes the global X-Force Incident Response, Proactive Services, and Threat Intelligence practices. In her role, she leverages people, infrastructure, data and technology to drive the capabilities of detection and defense against targeted threats for global client organizations. Before joining IBM, Wendi held executive level positions at CrowdStrike Services and Mandiant, where she was responsible for growing and implementing all professional services offerings and engagements delivered, including building IR capabilities for several federal government agencies and leading data breach investigations for global commercial clients. Wendi began her career as a Special Agent conducting computer crime investigations with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

John Wheeler

VP, Services Strategy, Offerings, Engineering & Business Operations, IBM

CISO and VP of Services & Integrated Solutions IBM Security. As CISO for IBM Security, John is responsible for partnering with the CISO of the IBM Corporation to protect the business and clients. As VP of Security Services & Integrated Solutions, John and his team lead go-to-market strategy, offering management, services platform development, innovation investments, and emerging technology across IBM’s Global Security Services practice.

Axel Schittek

VP of IT Governance, Fiducia & GAD IT AG