Delivering a reliable & secure application infrastructure with IBM Services for Red Hat


As enterprises navigate the current social and economic shock waves of the Covid-19 virus, they need a secure, reliable and flexible IT infrastructure. IBM Services for Red Hat helps clients safely and securely manage mission critical applications while deploying and scaling cloud applications to meet rapidly changing workforce and customer needs. Learn how IBM unlocks the value of cloud by applying our full breath of services —from cloud strategy and migration to cloud development and cloud management services.


Doug Armbrust

VP Cloud Synergy, IBM Services, IBM

Doug leads Cloud Synergy for IBM's Global Technology Business responsible for the go to market and alignment of IBM Services with Red Hat. In his role, Doug guides a global sales, technical sales, and consultant specialist team to bring advise, move, build, and managed infrastructure services to clients enabling them to unlock the power of Red Hat Open Source technology and accelerate their Cloud Journey. Over the past 25 years, Doug has served in go to market, operational, development, strategy, and product leadership roles across IBM Systems, IBM Cloud, and IBM Services.

Joel Plavin

Vice President, IBM

Greatest job in the world! For the past year I led the integration of Red Hat into IBM Global Business Services organization. This entailed working across Red Hat and IBM, setting up the sales and delivery teams and traveling the globe to ensure everyone was ready for Day 1. As a leader I get to work with clients to help them transform their heritage onprem workloads to the cloud using any cloud platform. This requires a highly results-oriented leadership style that blends the best of IBM with Open Source capabilities. My areas of focus include hybrid cloud services, sales, delivery management, client success management and digital transformation strategy.