Reopening Sonoma County Safely: Verifying Community Wellness for Employees and Employers


Join us to hear how Sonoma County and IBM are working through the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of the challenges, Sonoma County and IBM have collaborated to deploy a new app, available on Apple and Google Play. The app is part of a comprehensive approach to help employees safely return to work through wellness verification and to assist businesses in complying with the County health policy as they reopen. This is a story of how a real-time, scalable and community-based solution was refined for Sonoma County to help address a crisis no one was prepared for in this country or around the world.


Carolyn Staats

Director of Innovation, Sonoma County, State of California

Barbie Robinson

Director, Department of Health Services, Sonoma County, State of California

Ken Wolsey

Program Delivery Executive, Global Business Services, IBM