COVID-19 and Climate Change: Build Solutions That Fight Back


The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has pushed our systems to the limit, whether that has been pressure on supply chains across the globe, engaging students now learning at home or answering common questions during a time of crisis. This year, the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge asks you, the developer and problem-solver, to build solutions that fight back. The challenge has one track focused on the immediate problem of COVID-19 and another addressing the longer term issue of climate change. In this session you will learn about the problems we as a society are facing and how you can get involved in the largest challenge of its kind, with the potential to see your idea deployed in the communities with the greatest need.


Willie Tejada

GM & Chief Developer Advocate, IBM Cognitive Applications, IBM

GM & Chief Developer Advocate - Willie Tejada leads the mission of engaging developers and building open ecosystems across the globe for IBM. Through his Code, Content and Community model, IBM has effectively scaled its already massive reach, empowering developers with cognitive, cloud and data technologies to solve the world’s most challenging problems — smarter, faster and together.