Enabling Agile and Efficient Manufacturing with Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is the next revolution in manufacturing helping companies become faster, efficient and agile. Industrial automation, meaningful insights from vast data generated in factories, and OT-IT integration can help drive the transformation forward. Industry 4.0 is only feasible when all these aspects are working in conjunction. Hear how IBM is working with OMRON Industrial Automation to create connected manufacturing approaches and solutions to integrate production floor automation, sensors up to cloud, data lake and artificial intelligence (AI) to progress along its Industry 4.0 journey.


Tomipekka Lehtonen

Executive Partner, IBM

Tomipekka is leading IBM Industry 4.0 services in Europe. He has +30 years experience in leadership positions in Manufacturing and Supply Chain and for the past years have been focusing into Industrial IoT, AI and Industry 4.0.

David Meek

Executive Partner, Industry 4.0, GBS, IBM

Jose Sousa

Manager, Product Marketing EMEA , Omron

With over 25 years in Industrial Automation business and currently Manager of Product Marketing and FMCG Industries in Omron for EMEA, Jose is currently focused in manufacturing business transformation activities. Creating the future of manufacturing, starting today, by bringing innovation and re-imagining the factory floor by using game changers like Mobile and Collaborative Robots, edge-based AI and complete machine and line Automation solutions, is the way forward. Extensive experience in Leadership of Product and Industry marketing teams, Sales teams, and large field experience in customer Automation projects.