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No more time: Security at the speed of business

Today’s business landscape continues to be defined by change and uncertainty. But leading companies are using technology to create a competitive advantage and thrive in the face of challenges such as inflation, supply chain disruption, tight labor markets, sustainability requirements, and cybersecurity threats. They recognize that hybrid cloud and AI have become the most transformative technologies of our time, capable of addressing these immediate issues and future-proofing their businesses by increasing speed and productivity, reducing costs, driving innovation, and fueling growth. IBM is creating new opportunities for our clients with our unique ability to integrate technology and business expertise and to co-create with them on digital reinvention.


  • Kevin Skapinetz, VP of Strategy & Product Management, IBM Security Software

  • Dimple Ahluwalia, VP and Global Senior Partner, Security Services, IBM

  • Colin O'Connor, President of Field Operations, ReliaQuest

  • Fernando Madureira, Global CISO, Cosan

  • Khalid Mohd Al-Hashemi, Director of National Cyber Enablement and Excellence Affairs, National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)

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