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    What to expect in Singapore

    Think on Tour is series of exclusive, invite-only, in-person event experiences held in cities around the world. Each event will explore data and AI, cybersecurity and business modernization with hybrid cloud - all through the lens of real local stories.

    Real connections

    Meet like-minded peers in person, establish valuable connections and intentionally build lasting relationships.

    Co-create with Technical & Business experts

    With this being an invite only experience, take advantage of our unrivalled expert-to-attendee ratio for conversations about your specific business needs. Experts lined up include Distinguished engineers, CTOs & Business experts with global industry implementation experience

    Topics that matter

    This year’s topics will touch on:

    1. Rethinking AI and Automation

    2. Modernisation with hybrid cloud

    3. Preparing for the next wave of cybersecurity threats

    4. Balancing sustainability and profitability

    Experience the Future of Industries in-Person

    Join us to experience the future of industries through showcases curated specially for your industry at Think Singapore

    Think Singapore agenda

    Live in-person event on 2 June.

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    2 June

    • Keynotes

    • Innovation talks

    • Executive program

    • One-on-one meetings

    • Deep dive technical sessions

    • Industries showcase

    • Self paced labs

    Think Singapore session catalog

    Think Singapore speakers

    Meet the new creators

    See the stories of the visionaries of Singapore who are finding creative, new ways to build, use and advance technology.

    Need more info?

    For questions about the event, please reach out to us.