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    Think on Tour in Sao Paulo August 31

    What to expect in Sao Paulo

    Think on Tour is series of exclusive, invite-only, in-person event experiences held in cities around the world. Each event will explore data and AI, cybersecurity and business modernization with hybrid cloud - all through the lens of real local stories.

    Real connections

    Meet like-minded peers in person, establish valuable connections and intentionally build lasting relationships.

    Topics that matter

    Learn how to navigate our changing world with solutions for sustainability, talent retention and automation.

    Expert guidance

    Take advantage of our unrivaled expert-to-attendee ratio to have conversations about your specific business needs.

    In-person education

    There is no substitute. Work directly with expert instructors in technical breakouts, labs and master classes.

    Think Sao Paulo agenda

    August 31, 2022

    August 31


    • 08:30 AM | Welcome Coffee

    • 09:20 AM | Welcome Session: Think Sao Paulo


    • 09:35 AM | Leading in a changing world

    • 10:05 AM | How to use AI and Automation to shape the future

    • 11:00 AM | Harness the power of Hybrid Cloud

    • 11:30 AM | Next wave to the Cyber Security

    • 12:00 PM | Putting Sustainability Strategy into Action

    • 04:40 PM | Mapping the Future of technology

    August 31 (Sao Paulo)


    17:10 | Guest artist closing concert


    • Roundtables

    • Breakout Sessions

    • Innovation Talks

    • Networking

    • Expert Bar

    • One-to-One Meetings

    • IBM z16

    • Garage Tour Experience

    • Coders Championship

    Think Sao Paulo speakers

    Need more info?

    Please contact your IBM Sales Representative if you are interested in attending Think on Tour São Paulo. You may also return to this page after the event to access event highlights on demand.