Justify your trip

Ready for Think, but need your manager's approval? Copy and paste the note below and customize as needed.

Hello [insert manager’s name],

I have a request I’m excited to share with you — IBM Think 2020. As IBM’s annual business and technology conference, Think can provide the strategic expertise and technical skills our company needs to address our most pressing issues. It’s a powerhouse gathering that provides hands-on experience with emerging technologies, one-on-one conversations with experts and educational sessions led by luminaries — and it only happens once a year.

With your permission, I would like to attend Think 2020 from May 4 – 7 in San Francisco.

Some of unique benefits of Think include:

  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of education in cutting-edge labs and certification exams led by industry experts
  • Crucial insight into how open technologies like AI and hybrid multicloud can make business easier, faster and more effective
  • New knowledge and skills that will directly benefit our team and company
  • Exclusive intel about IBM products, technologies, strategies and services
  • Opportunities to expand our reach into new industries and global markets
  • Deep dives inside to the most critical issues facing organizations — and the world — and how renowned experts and visionaries are solving for them

This is the approximate cost for me to attend Think 2020:

Other expenses:
Total cost:

You can learn more about Think at ibm.com/think

Thanks for your time! I look forward to hearing back.