Think FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is Think Broadcast about?

Think Broadcast is a completely new livestreaming experience, delivered in a news desk format. Experience 20+ real-time conversation segments covering the business and technical challenges of today. Here are just a few reasons you can't miss Think Broadcast:

Conversations that matter: Reinvent for digital acceleration and create new value through increased consumer engagement, innovation, and sustainability. Harness the power of hybrid cloud, AI and automation, and cybersecurity to drive insights and growth.

Built for better business: Think Broadcast is your source for new learnings, expert insights, client stories and more. Engage in fresh takes and short segments that focus on what's important and how to move forward.

Creativity in action: Hear how fellow creators are solving hard problems, inspiring change and building the businesses of the future.

Unrestricted access: No registration. No forms. No fees. Think Digital is open to everyone.

On-demand training: Make yourself indispensable to your organization through hands-on technical labs and discounted certification exams.

Will the Think Broadcast content be available for replay on demand? 

Yes, Think Broadcast content is currently available for replay on demand.

What languages are supported for the on-demand digital experience?

Think Broadcast day one and day two have simultaneous audio translation in the following languages: 

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Mandarin

  • Korean

What is Think on Tour?

Think on Tour is a series of exclusive, limited-capacity, invite-only events held in person in cities around the world. Each event will explore data and AI, cybersecurity and business modernization with hybrid cloud — all through the lens of real local stories.

Learn more about Think on Tour 

When is Think on Tour?

Think on Tour kicks off May 9. For information about Think on Tour dates and locations, please visit

How can I register for a Think on Tour event? 

Please contact your IBM account rep or seller to request an invitation to Think on Tour.