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    Think Dallas will take place on June 21, 2022

    What to expect in Dallas

    Think on Tour is series of exclusive, invite-only, in-person event experiences held in cities around the world. Each event will explore data and AI, cybersecurity and business modernization with hybrid cloud - all through the lens of real local stories.

    Conexiones reales

    Conozca en persona a colegas del sector con ideas afines, establezca conexiones de gran valor y construya las bases de relaciones duraderas.

    Temas de interés

    Descubra cómo avanzar en nuestro mundo en constante cambio con soluciones para la sostenibilidad, la retención de talento y la automatización.

    Asesoramiento de expertos

    Aproveche el gran número de expertos que acudirá al evento para tratar directamente con ellos las necesidades específicas de su negocio.

    Think Dallas agenda

    Live in-person event on June 21, 2022

    June 21

    7:30 AM - 4:30 PM | Badge pickup

    7:30-8:45 AM | Breakfast

    8:50 AM | Join us in the Grand Ballroom for a performance by the Dallas Black Dance Theatre

    9:00–9:30 AM | Opening keynote — Leading in a changing world

    9:45–10:15 AM | Featured sessions

    • Breakout 1026: Don't compromise speed or innovation for a risky plan — have both with a strategic hybrid cloud

    • Breakout 1124: The pursuit of zero downtime and zero defects: Implement an intelligent asset management foundation

    • AMA 1091: Win in the 5G era: Unlock innovation without disruption

    • Roundtable 1077: Driving cybersecurity conversations at the board level

    • Breakout 1228: IBM z16: Predict and automate with accelerated AI for increased decision velocity across your business

    10:30–11:00 AM | Keynote — Smarter, faster, better: How to use AI and automation to shape the future

    11:15–11:45 AM | Featured sessions

    • AWS breakout 1322: Innovation happens here: AWS and IBM are investing in the right solutions to delight customers

    • AMA 1062: Creating a data strategy to accelerate AI success with a data fabric

    • Breakout 1079: Improve SecOps efficiency to enable rapid threat detection and response

    • Breakout 1061: Building competitive advantage and trust with customer experience

    • Breakout 1229: IBM z16: Secure with a cyber resilient system and modernize for hybrid cloud

    June 21 (Dallas2)

    12:00–12:30 PM | Keynote — Operate the business of tomorrow, today: Harness the power of hybrid cloud

    12:30–2:00 PM | Lunch and networking

    2:00–2:45 PM | Featured sessions

    • Breakout 1027: To RISE or not to RISE: Ensure your SAP transformation journey meets your business needs

    • Breakout 1054: Scaling AI: Infuse trust and operationalize AI with confidence

    • Breakout 1085: IBM AIOps delivered: Empowering IT to drive innovation

    • Panel 1369: Transforming businesses through application modernization

    2:45–3:15 PM | Keynote — The next wave of cybersecurity threats: Are you ready?

    3:30–4:00 PM | Featured sessions

    • AMA 1031: A zero trust approach to reduced risk and increased security in hybrid cloud

    • Breakout 1083: Embrace intelligent automation to drive organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and agility

    • Breakout 1105: Secure data across its lifecycle, from discovery to encryption to key management

    • Breakout 1050: Let’s create together: IBM Garage, a more innovative approach to business transformation

    • Oracle breakout 1319: Value-driven business transformation

    June 21 (Dallas3)

    4:15–4:45 PM | Keynote — Turning goals into opportunities: Advance sustainability as a business imperative

    5:00–5:30 PM | Closing keynote — Mapping the future of technology

    5:30–7:00 PM | Reception: Join us in the East Atrium for networking and entertainment by the magical duo, Digital Deception

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