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    May 30-31

    What to expect in Berlin

    Join us to develop creative solutions, with advanced tools for data-driven, automated, and secure business success - with partners who have been promoting and driving sustainable, long-term growth for decades.

    Technology Trends

    Artificial intelligence and cloud are the drivers of digitalization. We will show you the new developments that will take your company a decisive step forward and take a look into the future.


    Transformation is more than the sum of its products. Discover new approaches to jointly develop creative solutions and new business models from initial ideas.

    Best Practices

    Learn from others - many of our customers and partners report on successful projects and discuss with us how they tackled implementation challenges.

    Face-to-face conversations

    Meet peers and experts at networking and make valuable contacts for lasting.

    Think Berlin agenda

    May 30-31

    30. May

    From 7 PM

    • Evening Reception: Use cases, networking & BBQ next to the Spree River 

    31. May

    From 9:30 AM

    • Opening address: Leading in a changing world [External keynote]

    • 10xDNA: The construction kit of the future provides the tools for a sustainable future [Keynote]

    [Innovation Talk] 

    • Let’s create new ways for business to do business

    • Let’s create greater opportunities with open technology

    • Let’s create cloud management that requires less management

    31. May (continued)

    From 1 PM

    [Technology Exchange]

    • Smarter, faster, better: How to use AI and Automation to shape the future

    • Operate the business of tomorrow, today: Harness the power of Hybrid Cloud 

    • The next wave of cybersecurity threats: Are you ready? 

    • Turning goals into opportunities: Advance sustainability as a business imperative 


    • Digital transformation in banking

    • Digital transformation for the defense sector


    • Mapping the future of technology

    From 4 PM

    • Wrap-up & Closing

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    Meet the new creators

    See the stories of the visionaries of Berlin who are finding creative, new ways to build, use and advance technology.