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Think Digital: Fast-track your learning

Think Digital aims to address some of the most pressing issues organizations are facing due to the impacts of COVID-19. Join us to navigate through uncertainty, adapt to changing conditions and emerge resilient.

What to expect

Watch business and technology sessions relevant to recovery and resiliency streamed on curated channels. Engage in live chat and Q&As with speakers and SMEs, and access on-demand sessions covering essential topics.

Build your focused agenda

Think Digital topics

Explore the latest innovations in business and technology.


Infuse your organization with AI and Intelligent Automation to transform how you work.


Optimize business processes and streamline legacy systems with an open, distributed and secure ledger system.


Leverage the power of scaling your business quickly and securely while applying analytics, machine learning and AI across hybrid multicloud to drive new insights.


Learn about the latest advancements, join tech talks and take part in open source and product quick coding challenges.

Data and AI

Unleash the value of your data to meet the demands of a hybrid, multicloud world and put Watson to work.

Human Resources and Talent

Digitize your workforce and personalize employee experience to accelerate new ways of working.


Accelerate game-changing innovation with servers and storage systems engineered for your most demanding workloads.

Internet of Things

Establish your organization as a truly connected network.


Drive innovation within your company with a digital-first mentality.


Safeguard against cybersecurity threats simply and effectively.


Design business and technology solutions specifically for your company.

Supply chain

Build an intelligent, self-correcting supply chain that capitalizes on AI and blockchain.

Rely on the most open & secure public cloud for business

Build & modernize applications with speed and agility

Optimize & manage technology transformation securely with velocity

Unleash your data, accelerate the journey to AI

Earn loyalty & engagement with great customer experiences

Enhance your core business applications

Build intelligent supply chains

Transform business operations with AI-driven insights

Rethink how your work flows with AI & automation

Drive security into the fabric of your business

Conquer demanding workloads with hybrid cloud infrastructure

Create & disrupt markets with innovative, commercial tech

Build smart: Make an impact at work & on the world

  • Enhance IT Resiliency and Business Continuity
  • Address New Cybersecurity Risks
  • Accelerate Agility and Efficiency with Cloud
  • Reduce Operational Cost and Ensure Supply Chain Continuity
  • Empower Your Remote Workforce
  • Engage All Customers Virtually with Watson
  • Support Health and Human Services
  • Leading Through Change and the Critical Role of Infrastructure
  • Taking on the World’s Toughest Challenges. Build Smart. Build Secure
  • Why Complex Workloads Thrive on Public Cloud
  • Build and Modernize Applications Quickly to Reduce Costs
  • Speed, Simplicity, and Self-Confidence: Transform Your Business with Watson

Innovation Talks

Amal Clooney icon-expand-white

Amal Clooney

Ginni Rometty icon-expand-white

Ginni Rometty

Mayim Bialik icon-expand-white

Mayim Bialik

Eben Novy-Williams icon-expand-white

Eben Novy-Williams

Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt icon-expand-white

Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt

Robin Hauser icon-expand-white

Robin Hauser

Imogen Heap icon-expand-white

Imogen Heap

Riana Lynn icon-expand-white

Riana Lynn

Muriel Médard icon-expand-white

Muriel Médard

Caterina Fake icon-expand-white

Caterina Fake

Ralph Clark icon-expand-white

Ralph Clark

Jane McGonigal icon-expand-white

Jane McGonigal

Saška Mojsilović icon-expand-white

Saška Mojsilović

Aithan Shapira icon-expand-white

Aithan Shapira

Dr. Dario Gil icon-expand-white

Dr. Dario Gil

Labs and certifications

Deep technical training via virtual hands-on labs and certifications will also be available throughout the week.


Demonstrate your understanding of groundbreaking technologies and gain your credentials. Starting May 4, all Think registrants will receive a promo code to apply towards purchasing a certification on May 5 - 6.

You can schedule and complete these certifications anytime before November 30, 2020.


Dive deeper into the technological underpinnings behind the latest innovations and upgrade your skills with  free, instructor-led labs. These labs are limited-capacity and will be led by IBM and Red Hat experts May 4 - 7.

Labs fill up fast, so be the first to reserve your spot.

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